Why is your program failing? 1

Why is your program failing?

We’ve all been there. You know all the tricks in the book but for some reason, your channel mix isn’t going up significantly. The leadership is starting to question the investments & commitment made. You need to think of a fix to get your sourced revenue going but what could it be?

Here are a couple of thoughts I’d recommend you consider with an open spirit:

  1. Lack of organizational commitment.
    Once you have created your program you stop to improve it. A successful partner program demands constant engagement and improvements.
    Have your Channel Account Managers paid a visit to your top 30 partners recently? Do these accounts have a Business Plan in place for this fiscal year? Have your presales team done a vendor day with them?
  2. Lack of clarity.
    Make sure that you have truly defined what you want your channel partners to do and that they are motivated.
  3. Geographic diversity.
    Beyond the obvious differences between mature and emerging markets, there lie governmental, financial and cultural differences. Consider these when designing a first-time channel program.
  4. Investment in systems and resources.
    Without the appropriate allocation of resources, even the best program can’t come to life. While you can outsource some areas to deliver various pieces, internal resources are still required.
  5. Diverse channel ecosystem.
    Each partner type has unique requirements, expectations, and perspectives. Be flexible with systems, programs & sales initiatives to maximize investments across a greater partner base.
  6. You have not signed up the right partners.
    The partner you have signed up fails because there is a mismatch between expectations and the partners’ business model.

While these are just food for thought, the pattern here is to get you to think outside the box.






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