Program Builder

No, this site won’t auto-generate your program in a few clicks. That would be terribly wrong. What you’ll find though, is a comprehensive set of applicable resources & testimonials to build a tailored, relevant and scalable partner program.
Oh and that’s true for partner portals too. We love a good portal.

Key steps to building a solid partner program

Get executive support

You won’t get far without continued benevolence of your leadership.

Define your Partner audience

Which partner type can bring most value to your customers?

Know your Sales process

Can your sales ops support a two-tier model?

Define the programmatic elements

What are the key building blocks partners need to make a difference?

Develop your Capabilities

How about the bandwidth of other teams (IT, marketing, sales ops) supporting your needs?


Have a minimum viable product? Wait no more!

Monitor, review, adjust

Welcome to the “Run the Business” world.

Guiding principles

  1. Do no harm
    Every investment you do should, in the end, benefit the customer.
  2. Build trust: be open and transparent
    This includes all your marketing material and information. Make sure that partners have all the information they need to become successful.
  3. Be a feedback junkie
    There is always room for improvement.
  4. Make yearly adjustment
    While your curricula can evolve up to twice a year, your program should change only on a yearly basis. It’s that hard to get the message across, you don’t want to become inaudible.

…and keep an eye on the usual suspects for partner programs not living up to the expectations.

Oh, one more thing!